Protecting what’s important to you

Protecting what’s important to you


Surveillance & Access
Control Solutions

Safeguarding complete control and surveillance of your business or property.

Martel provides high-end surveillance and access control solutions, assuring fulfillment on end-user’s requirements. This includes thorough site analysis, providing the lasted security technology while focusing on user friendly operational steps, fail-proof platforms and the most efficient and secure protocols available in the market to keep your company information out of undesired hands or unexpected scenarios.


Our products and services follow all of the industries standards and can still be modified to comply with other possible requirements that special cases or entities may request.


IR, Vandal-proof, Outdoor/Rough Environment proof, Discrete Cameras, HD Night/Day Vision, Wide Dynamic Range, Edge Storage, PoE capable, Wifi capable, PTZ, Intelligent Software, License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, etc.

  • P Surveillance
  • Storage: NVR; Servers
  • Hybrid Surveillance (for existing
    emigrating systems –analog to IP):
  • VMS
  • Video Wall

Access Control

Scheduling, Report Generator, Access ID lookup/recognition, Surveillance System integration, etc.

  • Intercoms
  • HID and Keyless Entry
  • Servers
  • Gates
  • Automation and Remote Access
  • Intrusion alerts and notifications
  • Power Supply


Home based systems presents the costumer available compact products for a more house-like environment where esthetic may be more convenient rather than a robust device used in rough environments.

        • IP Surveillance
        • Alarm Systems
        • Intercom
        • Fire Alarm
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